Principal Designer and Company Director Mariana Gagula has worked in the building design and construction industry for almost twenty years. After completing her qualifications she spent many years working in various boutique firms in Melbourne, creating a diverse and standout portfolio and further refining her design skills, later breaking out on her own to see her own vision and direction come to life in the form of 369 Building Design.

A world traveler, nature lover and Geomancer Mariana’s understanding and passion for the psychology of spaces and close connection to the subtle environments in which we live and work set the foundations for which she strives to create from. Her strong empathetic and intuitive streak sparks her passion for enhancing how a space makes you feel. She loves being able to walk into an existing room, see and feel exactly what remedy it needs for a total transformation, to enhance quality of life for the occupant.

3:6:9 Building Design


369 Building Design is a creative laboratory that facilitates the creation of harmonious spaces that people love to live in. Our intention is to create designs that celebrate the experience of spaces, and life within them. Our holistic approach aims to consolidate functional and practical principles of beauty, nature, energy of spaces i.e. Feng Shui and Geomancy, as well as sustainability for the conscious consumer. We work with you to bring your vision to life and take care of all the necessities to make the whole process as carefree as possible for you, the client.

There are many facets of design to incorporate weather that be interior, exterior or landscape design and all components are necessary interwoven to complete the package for the best outcome.

Our specialty areas involve Multi-Unit Developments and Town Planning applications as well as new designs for private residences, renovations, extensions and commercial. We can also assist in site selection and provide remedies for the transformation of existing home or work space environment.