369 incorporates architecture, together with interior and landscape design, to produce new, bespoke, private residences, multi-unit developments and apartment buildings, alterations and additions, house renovations, and office fit-outs to commercial sites.

We are a creative laboratory that facilitates the creation of harmonious spaces that people love to live in. Whether via new individualistic design or by improving existing built environments, we are committed to enhancing quality of life. Our designs celebrate the experience of spaces, and life within them, through our holistic approach to architecture which integrates the concepts of beauty, nature, energy, functionality and sustainability.

Mariana Gagula is both the principal of the 369 Building Design practice and the projects design director. With over 15 years’ experience in the Building Design and Construction Industry she leads the design and consultation process. Her unique creative expression and intuitive gifts promote a collaborative atmosphere which enhances the client-designer relationship leading to successful, optimal outcomes.